Have an Unforgettable Golf Outings in Kiawah Island

Imagine a fabulous beach located south of the towering granite mountain towering above the beaches. Imagine a championship course blurring clear skies and gentle surf line, nestled within acres of gorgeous scenery and forest preserved for nature lovers and sun worshippers. Then add the warm, inviting waters to the tropical landscapes of Kiawah Island and you have one of the best destinations for a golf vacation in the Caribbean.

Kiawah Island is a wonderful getaway from the hustle and bustle of urban living. kidding on the last part, there are quite a few golf courses along the island that are available for the benefit of visitors. In fact, there are over 15 different golf resorts that you can pick from as part of your overall resort package.

Golf is a part of the island lifestyle. After all, this is the only place in the entire world where you can practice an open-air sport in the middle of a busy metropolis. Golf is part of the island lifestyle. And when you know that your villa accommodation is just a few minutes away from the golf course, it makes the island even more attractive as a holiday destination.

There are many golf resorts found on the islands. The popular ones are Lighthouse Point on the eastern tip of the island and Winter Park on the western side. Though these resorts are both fabulous in terms of service and amenities, they are quite costly. The total package can cost you over $1,000 and that does not include the meals you pick up along the way. But then, that Rs. 10-15 per meal is definitely worth it when you consider that you are extremely close to nature and thus the greens are not as closely spaced as they need to be.

For those who need to practice on the greens, there are golf courses like the Green World at Kaapsehoop. This course has a Par 72 course rating of 71.3 and a slope index of 121. For those with less geography knowledge, the Beehive Lake Golf Course at Turtle Bay may be a better option. The course starts in a natural amphitheater and plays like a masterpiece. The elevation changes are many and the view from the Red River View Course is breathtaking.

To practice these skills on a real course, one can just stay in one of the villas along the coastline. These villas are private homes owned by the island’s owners. Most of the owners of the island have never golfed and so the greens are very well maintained and offer you a green fee structure that is commensurate with the quality of play. The three windward courses at Kiawah Island are all official courses and you can be studying golf in South Africa’s oldest golf course.

In Kiamber, there is the Biftitudes Open golf course. This is plus six, official courses and a sports shop too. There is a lot more golf in Kiamber than just Green World. In fact, the pastime has become so popular in Kiamber that there are more than 200 private courses now. In many cases, these clubs are owned by prominent local businessmen and you can even call them all luxurious holiday resorts. Not all of them are that luxurious though.

Golf in Kiamber is best enjoyed with a large group of friends and can be enjoyed at a price that fits everyone’s budget. The courses are of a high standard and days out with friends provide valuable and fun learning experiences.

This magical island is called Kiamber, an island steeped in history. If you are holidaying on this beautiful island, you can choose a variety of outdoor activities and connect with the natural wonders of the landscape. The breathtaking scenery makes your golf experience more enjoyable and memorable.